Moses : Posed using Zspheres

The most irritating part of 3d Modeling for me is, or shall I say was, maintaing the topology of a model, but today when I posed my character using Zspheres I realized how topology helps in proper skinning and rigging of a model. Even taking the hands all the way up caused just minor streatchings. The followig image is what I got after reposing. There is only one issues with the right knee. You can check the T-pose in the previous post... :)

BTW, I am aware of the proportionality issues with the anatomy and also the face is kinda messed up but this time I am not focusing on the details and finishing, I just want to see how fast can I create and present a model if required.
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Arindam here ,man truly speaking your sculpt is awesome , from anatomy point of view.

I am not criticizing here but I want to make a certain point where you can improve the face more..
but the body you sculpted is awesome.


Thanks Arindam...
Yeah I know the face is really messed up....
My focus while working on this model was actually to study The Human Male Anatomy... but I had already modeled the head and also proportionally the head is bigger compared to the body.. which usually isn't the case with really muscular men...

And never hesitate to criticize my work man. In fact, I really appreciate when people give some honest criticism, coz, I really believe, it helps me to improve my self...

BTW just checked your blog, Awesome work man... \m/,
I wonder why you stopped posting??? :(


Yeah , man I am busy with ZBrush stuff and sculpting in real clay,in real life.So,lately I was almost busy with all these stuff, so I have not updated my blog, since then.I am getting a new camera first after that I have plans to renovate my blog a bit and start posting daily..Soon..Dont worry..


Well thats awesome...
BTW u taking some class in Traditional Sculpting or just doing it at home...


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Thank you.