Moses: Male Anatomy Study

I started Moses as a study of the male anatomy. The previous posts of the Torso and the Hand are actually the first two parts that I had detailed after that I was quite busy with the Bionic Fury thing and later I started with the showreel work and was not able to work on this model. I also realized that I have not yet created a model that has been completely textured so I also decided to give the Spotlight feature in Zbrush a try.

Though a textured model is more presentable and also adds life to a model it is something that haven't interested me that much compared to modeling. My first texture work was actually a class assignment given to me by our 3DS Max Professor and after that I had only tried it once on Mingry. the final result is always worth all the hard work in texturing but as Mingry was my first model, it had many topology flaws and fixing the UV's was kinda frustrating adnexal irritating at the same time, though thanks to the retopology tools this time the UV flow was decrent enough to try my hands on another texture study. I am still not satisfied with the render and also the texture but I think its a good start. Though the most of the textures are just projections of high resolution images I still wanted to post this... : )

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