Bionic Fury : My entry in the H3D Modeling Challange.

I have been following the Helpline 3D Site for months now, I reached the site when I was searching online for a 3d modeling competition, but as the modeling challenge was about to end in a week and also the competition entries were way above my level of work, I decided that I will train harder and join the next modeling challenge and luckily they came up with another one soon with the theme being a weapon of mass destruction.... :)
As soon as I read the theme, all previous ideas of superheroes that I had had, my entire childhood, suddenly started coming back to me, from heroes with super sonic powers to super human strength. Though I was still confused whether the theme was about superheroes or war machines but the admin confirmed that any thing or being capable of a mass destruction will do. The best part they wanted it to be something made from a concept of our own.. :)
Though the childhood ideas were pretty huge in numbers they were still just childish to begin with so I decided to work on a new concept and develop it from there. I decided to go with the idea of a combination of human and machine. Human is one of the most complex machine in itself but it does lack the strength and toughness of many metals. Then I realized that there has to be something more to it so as not to look just another robocop look alike, so I added the ability to fly but not with jets or rockets but instead with natural wings, well its "Bionic" Fury for a reason... :)
Now it was time to add all the cool abilities and I tried my best to not add all the common powers and search for something that is more unique, though I couldn't find many ideas but I still managed to squeeze one or two in. I won't mention the powers yet as they aren't visible with the current condition of the model so you guys will have to wait for me to complete this model and upload the final render.
Well enough with the yapping time to jump to the concepts.... :)

Once the concept was roughed out I decided to start modeling and add the details in modeling later. Since last couple of days I was a bit too interested in the idea of modeling hard surface models using Zbrush, so I decided to use zbrush more compared to maya. I won't call it a mistake but still the output might have been a whole lot different if I would have done the model in Maya only, though I learned a lot about hard surface modelings in zbrush by this experience.
I started with making base meshes with zspheres which were later posed and retopologized.

I decided to model the following parts in maya, as they were a bit hard to manage in zbrush and then I attached them to the retopologized zsphere base model.

Then I went on to sculpting some details and also made the wings in Maya. I wasn't happy with the wings as the wheel in the center seems really heavy.

The following were the final submissions that I did on H3D. I know they aren't great but that's because the previous night my graphic card blew up after a continuous 8 hrs of brutal exploitation that too after just a 10 min. break. These aren't renders actually, just screen captures.

I am still working on this model and will try to develop it to the fullest and I will keep posting about any future development on this one.

You can check my Helpline 3D forum thread by clicking here.
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Adi awesome work and gr8 tot behind it...keep it up d best :)


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