One Eyed Monster: ZBrush 40 Min Speed Sculpt

I practised a few times on zbrush but was unable to make anything that I would consider to be good, but after like 2 to 3 tries of sculpting on models that I had created in Maya I decided to use just a sphere and go nuts with it. It was great fun and in just 40 to 45 minutes I was able to come up with this character concept. Though I usually take 2 to 3 days at completing this much work, maybe because I focus a lot on planning and very less on doing.
Lets get to the character now, the character is actually a ordinary villager, who's village used to be very close to nuclear power plant from which high levels of radiations were leaking. As soon as the authorities figured this out the whole village was shifted a bit further away and all the precautionary measures were taken. During this time our One Eyed Monster was still in his mothers womb and had already been mutated by this radiation. Now he must live with this mutation and face the consequences all by himself, from his birth to his death...

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