This was my first concept character and also my first 3D Model that I created.
The concept was created in my sketching class when I was in MAAC. To be frank I am not that good at sketching but sometimes I just happen to get so lost in it that the output even surprises me. I know this ain't a great concept image but when I started it was one of my best work. To me, now this doesn't seem as great as it used to, but still it is important to me as its my first character ever... :)

After this I modeled it in 3DS Max does becoming my 1st 3d model and later this also became the 1 model I sculpted on in Zbrush. Though I don't consider any of the works impressive they are still important to me as they will always remind me where I started.

I almost forgot Mingry was also my 1st ever textured character. I remember I had just learned about bump and displacement maps and I was way too excited about it.

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