3D Shorts: SportsWear Project...

Hi guys, yesterday, I posted about life as a freelancer, so today I decided to add the models that I am working on... I have also textured these models but I won't be adding them as my client haven't added them to their site yet. The following images are actually of early prototypes, you can call them prototype's as the final product was a bit different then this...
All the models on that site as of today are modeled by me but the textures and designs aren't mine, they were  provided by the client.

3D Shorts : Side View

3D Shorts : Front View
3D Shorts : Rear View

As always I would love to hear any comments or criticism that you guys have to share...

Timelapse: Damaged pillar/walls tutorial.

It been long since I have posted anything on either my blog or youtube. I really miss blogging but have been busy lately with family and professional duties and hope you will accept my apologies for the same.

This tutorial was requested by a google plus contact of mine. Feel free to request any tutorials of your choice either through the comment section, facebook, google plus or youtube. I hope this video will prove useful to some of you.

Thanks for all my followers and visitors for your support, I honestly appreciate it irrespective of your numbers :)

First Tutorial!!!! Zbrush to 3DS Max.

Hi guys just wanted you to know that I have created and posted my first tutorial on my YouTube channel, though its not a master piece, I am glad that I finally took the first step. From here on out I will keep on posting and improving my video qualities from time to time, but first I will need to get a better mic and will work on my pronunciations... :)

3D Modeling Showreel 2011

Finally its done...
 My first 3d Modeling Showreel... Wow!!! feels great... :)

The models in this reel are all my concepts and are all personal works. The modelsa were first blocked in maya and then detailed in ZBrush. Most of the work have been rendered in Zbrush too...
The BG Concept is part of a characters background story. The Outdoor was my first texturing work done in 3ds Max.

Though am satisfied with this work but I still am not happy and I guess I never will be, until am as good as my inspirations... if only I can thank them in person for setting the levels this high... specially Aaron Sims...


Bionic Fury : Timelapse

Hi guys I wanted to upload this since a long time but was busy with the showreel. This is a collection of few of the timelapse videos that I was able to record while creating bionic fury. The model that I sculpted in zbrush was actually just for concepting, later the 3d tool was decimated and taken in Maya where I created the final model, shown in the turntable at the end of the video, in Maya.

I just added some random music to the videos but if you don't like them, then just mute it and listen to your own mp3's... :)